Saturday, January 17, 2009


As we approach the NHL All Star game we find there are numerous teams vying for a playoff spot. While Detroit, San Jose and Boston have a huge lead over the rest of the field, there are only six points separating 5th spot and 13th spot in the Western Conference. Out East we discover a log jam between the 2nd spot and the 6th spot. It has almost become a "must win" for each and every team in the League. Who will make the Playoffs? It appears there are 25 teams that have a legitimate shot at filling just 16 spots. Should be an interesting second half to the season.

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Sunday, December 14, 2008



There are dozens of Sports Handicapping Services out there that would have more success flipping a coin, than actually handicapping a game when determining the outcome of a sports event.

At Pro Picks Online, we put a little more effort into our decision making. All of our sports picks are generated by computer using a very sophisticated set of parameters. Everything from historical data to statistical data to environmental data is entered into our software program to aid us in our decision making process.

Once all the data has been entered and computed, we add the human element to the art of sports handicapping. We consider injury reports, coaching staff, the location of the game being played and many other factors the can affect the outcome of a game.

We then combine the information from our software with the knowledge and experience of our Sports Handicappers to get the most qualified plays of each and every day.

It’s a time consuming process but a process that works. After all, don’t you want the best possible value, for the dollar you spend?

Friday, December 14, 2007



The Sports Handicappers Guide To Profitability

The world of sports betting is not for everyone. It takes a certain type of individual with a certain type of personality to enter this precarious industry. We’re not talking about the casual gambler who lays 50 bucks on the Superbowl with his buddy. We are talking about the serious and dedicated Sports Investor who makes a big part of his livelihood through betting on sports. This individual must possess patience, discipline and most of all, the ability to deal with the stress that is inherently associated with Sports Betting.

Sports betting and Sports investing are really two completely different animals. The word investing suggests long term commitment, similar to most other investments. Therefore, you must realize that this type of profession is not a get rich quick scheme but a profession that requires patience and dedication. It also implies that the investor have a great deal of knowledge of the industry, or at the very least, he relies on a professional who does, much like a Stockbroker or Realtor or Financial Adviser.

Should the Sports Investor decide to use a Professional Sports Handicapping Service, it is of the utmost importance that the individual perform the necessary due diligence on each service he is interested in. There are thousands of Sports Services on the Internet today, all claiming to be the best. Some charging as much as $500 per selection. It is important to remember that the amount you pay for a Sports Handicapper’s pick is NOT directly related to the quality of that pick. When researching a Sports Handicapping Service it is critical to ensure that the service is monitored by a third party. This is an indication that the service is honest and has integrity. Any Service can claim a 70% win percentage over the course of a year on their own web site but finding a service that has a 70% win rate that is documented by a third party would be a daunting task. Don’t let yourself become the victim of an unscrupulous Handicapper. Before purchasing their services, make sure they have legitimate and documented records.

One of, if not the most, important factors when investing in sports gambling, is the use of money management skills. There have been many, many articles dedicated to this subject alone. It simply cannot be stressed enough. The serious Sports bettor must employ strict and disciplined money management techniques. Simply stated, your risk amount for each wager should be between 2-3 percent of your entire bankroll. Consistency is the key. As your bankroll increases so will the risk amount of your bet. Conversely, should your bankroll decrease your risk amount for each wager will decrease proportionately. To clarify further, a bankroll of $10,000 would garner a risk wager amount of between $200 and $300 per bet. A bankroll of $1000 would garner a risk wager amount of between $20 and $30 per bet. The size of your bankroll is irrelevant. Employing a stringent money management system is essential.

A final thought to consider when investing in sports and not to be overshadowed, is the opportunity that exists with various Sportsbooks. A wise Sports Investor will have accounts with several different Sportsbooks. This gives him the ability to shop for the best lines. Not only is it possible to find lines from ½ a point or more in your favor but different books charge different vig. An Investor who maintains a 55% win percentage is great but this also means that this investor is losing 45% of his wagers. This is a substantial amount and it should not be overlooked.

Let’s say you place two bets a day of $250. Over a 30 day period you would have gambled $15000. Using the above win rate of 55/45 you would have won a gross amount of $8250 and lost a gross amount of $6750. Now suppose your book charges you 10% of your losses. This represents a total vig charge of $675. Now, suppose your buddy’s book charges him only 7% of all losses. This represents a total vig charge of only $472.50. A difference of $202.50. Multiply that by twelve months in a year and your buddy saves over $2400 in vig charges alone. That’s almost 10 extra plays per year simply through carefully selecting Sportsbooks.

Sports Betting is a great source of entertainment for the casual or recreational gambler. However, for those of us that make sports betting a larger part of our lives, it is absolutely critical to follow these philosophies in order to become successful in the world of sports betting.



Is this the end for online sports betting and online poker?

On July 11, 2006 the House Of Representatives approved a crackdown on Internet gambling that would ban not only sports betting but also online poker and casino games. Once again big brother is flexing their political muscle and dictating to the American people that they know what is best for them. The reality though, is that the U.S. Government does not have a hand in this cash cow pie. They can’t regulate it, they can’t profit from it and therefore they must abolish it. This is a multi billion dollar industry that the U.S. is simply not a part of.

The ramifications of removing a multi billion dollar industry from society are so vast, that one could not possibly comprehend the entire fallout that would occur should the ban become law. People who bet on sports will continue to bet on sports. We will undoubtedly see an increase of underground Bookies. You know, the guys in the back of the pizza shop with 25 phone lines ringing off the hook. Perhaps we will begin to see more organized poker games in the back room of your local pool hall. Maybe your neighbor will set up a mini casino in the basement of his home and invite you over for some Baccarat. These are all plausible scenarios. None of which are desirable or healthy for society. The point is people who enjoy gambling will find a way to gamble. The U.S. Government is just making it dirtier for them to do so.

The real impact will be felt by those who are directly and indirectly associated with online sports books, casinos and poker rooms. These are some very large Companies with some very large marketing budgets. Millions upon millions of dollars are spent on their online advertising campaigns alone. Search engines such as Google and Yahoo will suffer an enormous loss of revenue should this bill become law. There will be no need for these Companies to advertise in newspapers or magazines, on the radio or television. All the revenue generated through these Companies marketing campaigns will vanish overnight.

There are also thousands of website Owners on the Internet that feed off of these Online gambling houses. Many of which make their living through affiliate programs that many of these poker rooms and sports books offer. It will be these Online entrepreneurs that will be affected the most. Not only will they lose the revenue that is generated through online gambling but they will lose whatever they have invested in the development, optimization and advertising campaigns associated with their websites.

You would think that the House Of Representatives would have more pressing matters to focus on. It seems big brother, is becoming a big pain, in the ass.