Sunday, December 14, 2008



There are dozens of Sports Handicapping Services out there that would have more success flipping a coin, than actually handicapping a game when determining the outcome of a sports event.

At Pro Picks Online, we put a little more effort into our decision making. All of our sports picks are generated by computer using a very sophisticated set of parameters. Everything from historical data to statistical data to environmental data is entered into our software program to aid us in our decision making process.

Once all the data has been entered and computed, we add the human element to the art of sports handicapping. We consider injury reports, coaching staff, the location of the game being played and many other factors the can affect the outcome of a game.

We then combine the information from our software with the knowledge and experience of our Sports Handicappers to get the most qualified plays of each and every day.

It’s a time consuming process but a process that works. After all, don’t you want the best possible value, for the dollar you spend?

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Majeda Khatun said...

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